Ugly Duckling

Written by: Tevin Ta

My therapist once told me to find an outlet
Be open and unbottle all of my insanity inside of me
Plague with such abnormality but I know I’m truly

Even though part of me know I wasn’t
My soul is half saint and half disgusting
I remember when Asians and Viets would tease me
Point and laugh at me all cause I look different with acne
So I hid myself from the world, a recluse I became
Not feeling the same, feeling in shame with a side of being enflame
At the thought that I’m hideous and not like them
Condemned and banish myself from the light
While I was away, I thought how I wanted acceptance
From others, my presence in patience I lay
To this day I will always rise above in a distance
And better myself and become superior than them
My conscience is clearer than ever
"Oh he’s a loner, a stoner, label L for loser"
Never once was I given a chance in advance
Or even look my way just for a quick glance
Lower than low my self esteem grew
No matter what, I will always be 10 steps further than you