Open hearted

Written by: stephen blencowe

    Let no-one say that love has gone, diminished by a changing world
    Where hope and aspirations grow, not stunted by depression 
    Let love be true and open minded aware of human frailties
    Be dreamers of the kindest words and trust a fragile heart
    Smile each day and say hello and don't forget a hug
    Send her flowers bold and bright, write a line such words a gift,
    maybe even cook her dinner
    please don't forget her birthday
    So run with passion our time is short and grasp with every breath
    Let heartbeats be our pulse of life along with our contentment
    Now lay down wrapped inside this warmth, embrace these special moments
    So let me kiss you on the lips and sense the taste of honey
    My passion is my love for you, with all my heart and soul