Footprints On Her Back

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

She held them tightly trying not to cry out with the pain as the door opened. A large woman bearing an almost visible authoritarian streak exploded through the door filling the white sterile looking room with her presence. In a deep manly voice that matched her size, she told them the time was over.  They had to go… The children cried as she placed her hand on their shoulders and pulled at them with as much compassion as one swatting a fly or stamping on a snail leaving its silver trail over an immaculate looking flower border.

joined with old bruises
footprints on her naked back…
two children still cry

The cries lingered in the corridor as the doctor showed the plain clothed policewoman into the secure white room. The photographer followed carrying equipment strapped to his body like a solider in full battledress. Pictures were taken of the once slim beautiful, now battered girl who had two beautiful children that were now in care while she was paraded before strangers with a camera before the healing could start from the stamping given as a parting gift by her new ex boyfriend.

© ~GG~ 23/01/2013
Competition Entry: Mixing it up