Another beautiful goodnight

Written by: Kerrie Sursely

The way you perfectly press 
your lips to mine with many 
little kisses soft & kind
The way you strongly hold  my 
neck with one hand as you 
tickle the front of my neck 
gently with the other searching 
for the strength of my love in 
the beat of my hearts pulse 
The way you look at me silently 
thinking things you fear to 
The way you tell me to leave 
but won't let me go
The way my eyes silently 
scream back "I'm never 
leaving, this you should know"
The way my nipples feel as we 
The way I swear I can feel you 
between my legs and yes inside 
me too
The way you hold back and 
sometimes let go
The way you give in 
And the way you show no 
The way you say good night
The way I smile and walk into 
the light
The way I dream of you as I fall 
The way I wake up to thoughts 
of "I miss you" 
My loving beautiful you 
My sexy sexy you