Broken Glass, Shattered Pieces

Written by: Priscilla Cruz

You've cried a million tears for 
You've given me a hand to hold
Even though I'd always run 
You welcomed me back home
I thought I had found someone
The last time I ran off
But the truth is you were 
always there
Fighting against my growing 
You didn't have to stay with me
But you loved me anyway
The mirror came crashing down
The shards of glass embedding 
into my skin
I looked up through my water 
heavy lashes
And saw you weeping there
There was nothing more that I 
Then to hold you and kiss you
I was too late however..
I'd drowned inside my own 
I hope these words of comfort
Will be carried to you on the 
Because the truth is even 
though I didn't deserve you
You'd given me hope to live
There's one last thing to tell 
Even though I'm scared to 
admit it
But I love you in return, and 
will cherish your heart
Even if I can't be there with 
I wrote this for the person who 
has my heart.. My "Twin".