A Walk With The Dead

Written by: Priscilla Cruz

Each twist and turn
Every bend and curve
I trample my way further and 
Away from a place cursed with 
bitterness and pain
Each place I secretly pass by
Is given a tear-burdened blind 
Then I come upon a memory
Yesterday's happiness, today's 
No matter which direction I 
I am stopped by a hand of the 
I look up, down, backward, and 
The tears becoming impossible 
to still
Breathing seems like such a 
The people we held so dear to 
Have left, gone away
Vanished with evident trace
Of the lives they left behind
I linger on hearing footsteps 
beside me
Refusing to acknowledge the 
people who guide me
I see the transparent outlines 
of my friends
Their soft smiles and a tender 
yet strange mixture of joy and 
sadness within their eyes
And yearn so deeply to take 
their hands
No dream nor Nightmare could 
To the quiet, disturbing, raging 
The further away I am, the 
heavier my lids grow
The more I try to deny it, 
ignore it, turn away from it
My tears ever faster flow..

I wrote this poem in memory of 
2 friends I lost in 2011.. One 
was a brother to me