A poem for my love

Written by: Wendia Rowe

You, have the sweetest touch
Softest Lips and deepest love
Of You I just can't get enough
You healed my wounds and build me up

Memories of us stays with me
The way you smile,the way you breathe
Your humor,frown,kindness,laugh
I close my eyes and make it last

You go I know you have to leave
It never changes how I feel
Pictures,calls,text all I need
I'll wait till you come back to me

I love the photos of you @ camp
I smile and say "My Soldier Man" 
I melt when you tell me, I'm the one
You gave me hope when there was non
Sometimes I'm scared that you will go
And take away the only love I know
I hope that what we have will grow
Cause Todd I really love you so

23 January 2013