Keep Striving

Written by: Aaron Guttery

V.1 Unlike most she sits in the sun,
and waits for the day when she's finally done, she's just begun,
so alone in the sun she'll sit, 
wondering what she did, and why no one will forgive

It's a mystery, Sherlock Holmes, could never solve,
all the clues in a ball, with a broken axis that won't revolve
A puzzle with pieces that don't fit, so it's never solved, 
And it slowly evolves, like a phone without a number to call.

She's internally faded, so she sits in her zone, zen mode,
where everything seems to be moving slow-mo,
It's hard to know, fact from fiction, real to fake,
so alone she's gonna sit, while she numbers her ending days,

C. As time goes by the worlds retreats, 
we fall down, and pick ourselves up to the beat,
but in the end, you can only choose defeat,
so deny and keep on striving, until you've walked every street.

V.2 He's alone in his space, as he's waiting out the war,
waiting for a sign, an omen, or maybe more
His skins torn, scars are already starting to form,
Stitches keep him together while he sits alone with the Lord
The world's a storm, thunder intimidates and lightning performs,
with his pride up on the shelf, another person is born

His consciousness fades, and his mind can no longer operate,
blacked out, his reactions can barely cooperate
He lost faith, long gone, the road never ends,
bullets are flying but silence is finally sinking in,

But he won't, be taken in, he refuses and he forgives,
he stands up and shoots back, until he finally wins.


V.3 I sit alone in this room, pen in hand,
trying to put thoughts to paper, but the thoughts got up and ran,
What can I do? But sit alone, and think these thoughts
Do I really think I have supporters, I think not

But a gotta pen and a mind, that could be stronger than any nine,
Anybody that wants to step to me, I beat 'em with rhymes
My composure could take an entire army at one time,
and to anybody with a light, I'm the true definition of 'shine'

So don't step to me, you're to low,
the curtains are closed, the show's over go home
I have nothing to prove, cause you already know,
there's nothing you can do to stop me, until you've created a clone