Touching and Touched

Written by: Michael Todd

For so long
touching you
was only a dream,
a fanciful notion,
one far removed
from ever being

After two decades
I'd given up hope
of touching you
in any way,
on your heart
or your body.

Over the last
two years
I was finally able
to touch you
in your mind,
and body.

All the touching
was everything
I ever dreamed
it would be,
dying a little
between each time.
I would die again
to touch you now.

For some time
you also wanted
to touch me
and you did.
Being touched
by you
was another
dream come true.

For this man
was a boy
when he first
wanted to be
touched by you,
then a girl.

We've grown up
since then.
We recently
grew together
and touched
each other
for a time,
now we've
grown apart

My touching you and
being touched by you,
was able to heal
all the wounds
in my heart.
But now you've left
fast as a flash
of lightning
and only God
will touch me now,
heal my new hurts
and give me
the strength
to continue on
in this life.