Half Empty Christmas

Written by: Michael Todd

Almost everything about today
has been half empty,
the bed,
the couch,
the passenger seat,
my heart,
my soul,
my strength.

and stress
replace some of the emptiness,
but, they do more harm than good.

Today we celebrate
the birth of Christ
who paid for all our sins
and promises an eternity of bliss.

So why does this bed feel so strange,
why all this emptiness?

It's because you're not here
and my heart is crying out to yours,
can't you hear it in your quiet moments?

The only things full
are my eyes,
full of tears
as I type this note to self
which may only be known
to God and me.

Please Lord help fill
this heart and soul
with your love on this
Christmas night
when I'm missing
someone so much,
more than she'll
ever know.