Subliminal Singularity

Written by: Mitch Green

Drama invoked karma strangulating serenity. Singularity of unsurprised reason, such a wasted manufacturer to tinker and tether the nature of our society. In your world of opulent polished weaponry and wheel spinning rubber, you exchange the price of moral greed with perishing hunger souls. Controversy tears the false accusations of loyal ring holders. In a love incarnate by steel cut diamonds. Seductive smiles reeling your heart pouring emotions to beg.
Fraudulent capricious deities, you know not the meaning of love. Your fad invoked pleasure induced from this syndrome. Talentless loser of loss are the ill fainted manners of you and I. There is a meaning behind all of these words. Can minds decipher the subliminal coding. Or are such minds to incompetent to comprehend. Your eyes hold all the secrets. You handed me the key, to unlock your casing of personal beauty. Locks altered the fa├žade of who once was. 
In a dimmer light I can almost see her breath fog glass. 
Unto the dark and into light,
Unto the dark and into light
We shall forebode our passions and dreams.