Pointless Power

Written by: Caitlin Dwinnell

Pointless Power 

Pointless power

Misguided use

Your laughter follows

My abuse

I try 

And I cry

I wish I could die

But there’s too much here

For me to go

My friends are here when my heart is low

If it weren’t for them then I don’t know

I try

And I cry

As I float to the ground

I try to stand up

But I always fall down

Your sneers muffle

All of my screams

When I reach for the sky 

And you step on my dreams

What do you want?

Where can I turn?

If you won’t listen

Then how will you learn

You won’t 

You won’t even try

If you try 

You will cry

Yet I reach for the sky

You pull me back down

I am stuck on the ground

Though I cried when I failed

The triers prevail

What do you want?

From a stranger like me?

You had no time to listen

You never will see

So now 

Neither do I

I just reach for my dreams

Way up high

In the sky