Words of Wisdom

Written by: John Monteblanco

Being a man is more than just being male.
And for those who disagree, just listen.
Who are you to tell a woman that she doesn’t look beautiful?
When did it become- bigger breasts safer sex, skinny girls taste the best, girls that go to the gym create less of a mess?
Rearrange the words that come out my mouth and you still see scripture because the truth is hard to swallow after centuries of not understanding what the word “male” should mean.
Being a man is more than just being male because if you didn’t know, you’re the one that starts the conversation and throws her onto a bed. That’s not your job though.
Just sit down and listen to her words of comfort, joy, sorrow, envy, agony, pain, and love.
You don’t need the girl with a 190 IQ, 6 packs of abs that include an extra set for you, hair longer than her waistline, eyes that change to an exotic color, but she can’t control her facial features and I ask you, “Do you think my words are full of bull, or truth?”