Leprechauns Gold

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

Walking along the path of the Leprechaun,
was the greenest grass I've ever walked on.
The sound of a harp whistled through the trees.
A little wood nymph said "Follow me please."

I stayed really close afraid to get lost.
First time in Ireland she was the boss.
"A little bit further to a pot of Gold,
If you're deserving, of it you will hold."

The path was lit with an unearthly glow,
never have I seen such a huge rainbow.
right up ahead was the pot of Treasure,
the Lerechaun asked, "what is your pleasure?"

I want your Treasure to give to the weak.
It is not for me this Treasure I seek.
I come from a place in a far off land,
people are poor they need a helping hand.

"How do I know your not telling me a lie?"
"For all I know you're a deceiving guy."
If you don't believe me that is okay, 
Send the Gold to the needy then I'll stay.

In but a moment I seen the sky flash,
Suddenly all the Gold turned to cash.
"Alright I'll trust you to do what you say'
If you don't I'll come take it all away."

Irish Poems Poetry Contest.