Written by: Abraham Teye

I look at everyday and say to myself “I am truly blessed”
I’m in love, yes you make me complete
Sometimes I wonder and ponder about the odds that used to be against us
How I sometimes played the wrong cards resulting in absurd consequences
How I nearly lost you but we stood the test of time 
Yes me and you

I made many wrong moves leading to the wrong roads in my life
But in the darkness of my doubts you lifted the lamp of love
Yes you brought out a part of me that I never knew existed
Imperfect as I was you still made me perfect
That made us incompatible
Yes me and you

Never taking you for granted, that’s one of the lessons life has taught me
I was sometimes over my head, I even crossed the line
I went to extreme ends but you still cared, you still showed compassion
You learned to accept my faults; I cherish you for who you are
Together we shall continue our love voyage
Yes me and you

If I must die, then it must be for loving you If I must live then you must be my breathe
I really need you to survive; I love you and am going to do my best to make it work
No more wrong games, my world now revolves around you
I’m so happy that you're mine; I will love you forever and a day more
You are my sunshine; the brightest in my eyes in my eyes, all I see is us
Yes me and you