My Sister

Written by: Amii James

From the moment they arrive,
you know there will be trouble,
jealousy takes over,
and they make your life hell

So much yelling and fighting,
competing and boasting.
The foundation of family

They follow you everywhere,
and embarrass you completely,
no regard to your feelings,
just their own

But you still do what you can,
to be the best big sister you can be,
protecting them,
loving them

If anything happens,
you're the one she turns to,
to help her,
and to make sure she does the right thing

They copy you, 
not to be annoying,
but because they aspire to be like you,
so make sure you watch your tongue

And sure it's difficult,
changing your plans for them,
spending your money on them,
by hey!

What's family for