Mamma's Simple Plan

Written by: Dan Kearley

Every single time I hear that song
it always brings tears to my eyes.
I'm not sure if it's the singers voice as he carries on,
or the lyrics to the words that he cries.

A simple kind of man, is something all men should be
for momma's always wish this for their sons.
Always hidden in a prayer that they may one day see,
their wishes carried out by all the righteous ones.

As men search this world for a woman,
they may someday share with their love.
The love they are always searching for
only seems to come from up above.

Do nothing but follow the love in your heart
though at times it may be hard to control.
For it was a gift given you from the very start,
that will help you to carry that heavy load.

This world that we now live in,
we may seem to live a little bit to fast.
For problems always seem to happen,
and sometimes they just seem to last.

Spending your days searching for wealth,
does nothing for the goodness of your soul.
With it you can't buy yourself new health,
in those weary days as your body grows old.

Momma's only want their sons to live a simple life,
so they don't have to worry they will get to out of hand.
Always stay loyal and true to the woman you call your wife,
and keep your momma happy, living life as a simple man.

My thoughts on the song- Simple Man
By Lynyrd Skynyrd & Or Shinedown