The Story of the Teddy Bear

Written by: Joyce Johnson

Teddy Roosevelt that old roughrider,
Inspired the name for the Teddy Bear,
When he wouldn’t shoot a crippled cub,
Declaring that it wasn’t fair.

They flourished in the twentieth century,
Bringing joy to many a tot.
When hugging his sweet Teddy
All his troubles he forgot.

Around for over a hundred years
As childhood’s favorite toy.
One could not go wrong by gifting one
To any small girl or boy.

I remember for his first Christmas.
I bought a Teddy for my son
And so did his grandma and auntie.
He learned to love them, every one.

When I put him down for a sleep or nap
He would never cry or whine.
Just as long as he had his Teddy Bears,
Every thing was dandy-fine.

Many children love their bears so much,
They cannot be separated
Even when they lose limbs, stuffing and eyes
And are almost disintegrated.

The person who made the first Teddy Bear
Is surely a multi-millionaire,
If he was smart enough to patent him
And has gotten his fair share.

By: Joyce Johnson 1/20/13