This is just a story

Written by: Sam Ruby

I couldnt take it anymore. 
Dealing with Everyone elses 
problems, always under stress, 
bottling up inside what I wish I 
could scream out. There's a 
limit you know. A certain 
amount of pressure your put 
under until you snap. I tried as 
had as I could, but when you 
lose hope and feel like The 
world is falling in on you and 
the only way to escape is 
if you run away.  So I did. No 
more worrying, no more 
coming home to my dad 
shooting up, no more exscuses 
of why I always have bruises 
on my arms, no more fear. 
Maybe it's just my generation 
but life seems to be getting 
worse as time goes on. Well.. 
not me. Im getting as far away 
from this place as I can and 
never coming back.