A Terrible Day at the Office

Written by: Elton Camp

A Terrible Day at the Office

By Elton Camp

Robert awoke feeling really fine
Soon, at work, he’d toe the line

Traffic was very heavy that day
“You’re late,” the boss did say

In his cubicle Robert took a seat
The office had but little heat

He found more reason to frown
His computer kept shutting down

But his troubles weren’t through
The bulb in his desk lamp blew

The boss then did angrily say
“Your analysis is not okay”

“For you’ve made a big mistake
And a lot too long did it take”

“Rework this without any delay.
This time, do it the correct way”

A customer called to complain
An hour on the line did remain

Next, a call from Internal Revenue
“We believe your return’s untrue”

“For many errors we did detect
So, a seven year audit expect”

The boss came by with a glare
“Taking personal calls don’t dare!”

“If more work you don’t turn out,
A job you’ll soon be without”

Robert slaved away till after six
Boss’ next words made him sick

“The office tasks are way behind.
Weekend work you won’t mind”