A Colorful Adult Tale of 007

Written by: Suzette Richards

The maiden was *red and her language **blue. */*l*/*l*/*l*
This made him blush crimson, this be’n a stew.  */*l*/*l*/*l*
      He cried when drink stirred, */*l*/*
      Already words slurred, */*l*/*
He did not have no bloomin' friggin' clue. */*l*/*l*/*l*

*red: having red or tawny hair and punning a "red spy"
**blue (language): swearing
***stew: brothel

A skit on 007 who insisted that his martini was shaken not stirred - this being a bit odd in the first place, as shaking it bruises the drink. Sean has a natural slur when he speaks.......:-) I have used colloquial British English, where possible.  

I have added the meter - amphibrachic (*/*) - for ease of reading. Please see the About section for details regarding Limerick forms.