Be that special someone

Written by: Toquyen Harrell

Be good
Be kind
Be generous
Be gentle
Be gracious
Be all that you can be 
For others
For you surely will get what you give
You will receive from God what you portion out to others
Give all
Then you shall get all
Give the best
You shall get the best
The measure that you give out
Will come back to you
So friends
And be kind
There is only of each person in this universe
They are special 
Just like you
Let them know the feeling
Of treasure, of uniqueness
That belongs to them
Your Father in heaven has the same feeling toward you
So give
Your love, His love 
Be that special someone
That one remembers
Be counted
And not forget 
To be all you can be
Best to you 
And best to all
Best from the One
Who starts