Mind Gone Wild

Written by: nana ayisha yakubu

“I need somebody to love”
“My first name is somebody”
“Where is my favorite girl?”
“I’m right here sweetie”
He smiles

“Do you take this man here,
To be your wedded husband”
Of course who wouldn’t?
His turn, he said yes too
And added, “Always and forever”
I blushed

“Then by the power vested in me
I pronounce you
Man and wife
You may kiss the bride”
My lips were burning
Then there came his 
There was an explosion
Father Ben, man and wife all died

I had to do it
He wasn’t marrying me
He wasn’t marrying just any girl
But my sister
I will have to see him everyday
I couldn’t take it
I did what I had to

I cried far more than everyone
I was really sad
But not sorry
At the burial
I threw the first handful of sand 

I heard a finger snap
I looked up and saw him
Looking handsome and smiling wildly
I hugged him and he smiled
And whispered into my ear
“Will you be my date to prom?
You aren’t imagining it” he smiled
How could he tell?

His cousin was taking Liz, my sister
I felt a delicious jitter inside
Of course, was my reply
The lips were burning
Father Ben said
Maybe too loudly
“You may kiss your prom date.”

This time as the lips clashed
There was no explosion
Just an eruption
Not a volcanic eruption
But an eruption of affection.