Contemplation to Salvation

Written by: Drakavai the Wordsmith

Contemplation to Salvation
Those eyes linger and haunt your thoughts as you fight the sensation
Piercing through the walls built leaving your heart scorched in trepidation
Even in sleep they return to fray your dreams burdening you with anticipation
The battle seems constant you soldier on as you fight for your sanity’s reclamation
Turning away from the loss void of sustenance leaves you in starvation
The Reverberating waves of questions only seem to be fuel to your agitation
Drowning within your own self doubt you delve even deeper into your desperation
Disbelief at the carnage that is left from the wake of the one you love without consideration
Faith in yourself emboldened enduring the pain this is your coronation
Dried tears only remnants of what love was today will be a new cultivation
Gathering your strength as you walk to the door stepping through without hesitation
Formidable defiance of pain each step heavy with the weight of your courageous celebration
Always palpable is the fear of what could happen resolute your dedication
The scars deep though quick to heal when the inflictor is no longer in the equation
A phoenix from the flames as you ascend flying to the stars and toward your affirmation
Such creatures are we that no matter the wounds burned love will always hold such a fascination