My Fantasy Dream

Written by: Therese Bacha

                                 A Dream From My Past 
                                     Was A FANTASY.
                           Be patient I will take you where I 
                              have been from the beginning.
                           One of those days was a lucky day 
                         When I heard a light tap on my Door
                                 Who is it I asked? 
                                 Its me the post man. 
                          Oh dear I was murmuring what could it be? 
             Step by step with my cane I arrived to open with shaky hands 
             a young man with a smiling face was standing with an envelope 
                 in his hand ready to give it to me but I had to sign it first 
         staring at him crying for help to stay as maybe it could be 
                                       bad news or good news.
              I opened it and In there was a cheque of one million dollars
                                I screamed young man I won 
                                 the lottery I am a winner 
             yesterday I bought a ticket with my last 2 dollars thank you 
              please come back tomorrow I have a small surprise for you.
 My cry of happiness was heard by the drops of rain knocking on my window                                                                                              calling to ask when I am due to cache the money as they also were my friends     awaiting for the happy event to the never ending journey of giving.
                                My fantasy dream was fulfilled 
                               Oh! how good is The Lord to me.
 Now that I won I ran sat down got out my pen and paper and here I am 
writing today I am rich but tomorrow I will become poor as I will give away 
all the millions to the needy my family my friends everybody will share 
                                        my richness. 
      Good night my friends until tomorrow another day another dream.  

                                        Therese Bacha