An Ideal Wife

Written by: Elton Camp

An Ideal Wife

By Elton Camp

She keeps her house spotlessly clean
No irritating clutter will ever be seen
The laundry basket empty will stay
Clothes folded and neatly put away

Crisp, fresh sheets will be on the bed
“It needs changing” never has to be said
About the kitchen, hubby needn’t think
No dirty dishes found piled into the sink

Delicious meals she will always prepare
To serve leftovers, she never will dare
She would not think of being so rude
As to have in the fridge spoiled food

The shopping she always keeps done
To the store, her hubby needn’t run
Dust on the furniture is never to be found
Sparkling windows are the cleanest around

The bathroom tile, including all the grout
Is shining and free of mold without a doubt
The cleanest toilet bowl is her ambition
And she leaves the seat in the up position

She strictly limits all her telephone chat
As she hasn’t time to waste like that
The in-laws’ visit she is glad to see
“No need to call,” she will decree

To a household budget she’ll adhere
So the bank account is always clear
In addition, she holds an outside job
Never can she be called a lazy slob