Irish Broth

Written by: Seren Roberts

I have been to Ireland
Noticed the Colour Green
Is predominant in the fields
Where the produce is seen

Besides the grand potato
Of which Ireland is renowned
The green bean that grows
Put in a broth, will add the crown

Amongst the variable farm stock
Pigs, sheep and cows you’ll see
The cows are at the foremost
Phhew   the smell meets me

The aroma of the cows
Brings tears to the eyes
But the taste of the steaks
Makes one drool I tell no lies

So what have I got now
Green beans, beef and Pots
Sounds like ingredients
For a fine Irish Broth.

But I need some onions
The finest in the crop
Will have to travel to
Spokane, to Isaiah plot

A dash or two of pepper
A pinch or two of salt
A few herbs for good measure
That’ll be a fine broth we’ve got

After that hearty eating 
How about a jig
Gather in the barn then
Of Guinness we will have a swig.

Dance to an Irish fiddler
Whose fingers move so fast
All the weight the Broth put on’
Will be a thing of the past.