The rage from within

Written by: angela roark

The fire within you burns with such rage. While you are consumed with so much pain. It is 
so hard to reach above while you are trying not to go under. Swimming thru a pool of 
blood as stench muffles your nostrils. You are drowning and suffocating and you can't 
catch your breath. Too many voices screaming out, filling your thoughts with words you 
cant repeat. The shadows you seek are in every corner you see. The pain and turmoil you 
hear has control of your waking moments. They taunt and tease you for you to do violent 
things. The more you say "NO", the more angry they become. There's no peace, no end, no 
privacy. They look at you with cold and dark hollow eyes. Their stares penatrates down into 
your very soul. You scratch and crawl trying to see the light. The horror, the evil from 
within won't stop you from the emptiness they seek. So much anger, so much hate evolves 
around their energy. Their like a succubus draining you till you can't give no more.  1/15/