Those Younger Days

Written by: Dan Kearley

I used to be quite a character Back in those days when I was young When hanging out with all my friends We used to have so much fun Staying up all night Until we would suddenly see the sun Oh man I really miss those younger days Maybe gathering at someones house Whos parents would then be gone Turn the music up loud so when we got buzzed We would all start to sing along Some would take a toke or two And it would sometimes do them wrong But man I really miss those younger days When the party was over,you found a driver That's straight enough to drive you home You always make sure that you had one So you wouldn't be left there all alone Back in those good old days Nobody even cared about useing phones Oh man I really miss those younger days The next day you would take an aspirin Because that's what you did,to get through Not one of those pills or funky drugs That you so easily now get hooked on to Back in those older days That was all there was left to really do I sure do really miss those younger days