For Love 18

Written by: Gina Young

im so empty now
without u, ive caved in and given up
theres nothing to make me smile now
and no one to make me feel love
im so alone without u now
i can sleep and cry and write for u
thats all i am
thats my whole life now
i try not to wonder
where u are, how happy u are
how much better off u are without me
becuz i know
i was ur burden, now relieved
i was ur worry, now eased
and u dont have to feel responsible
for all the damage done
but after so many of the things u said to me
how can u just let go?
and never look back?
and never care again?
i guess i wasnt that beautiful
i guess i wasnt that little jewel
i guess i wasnt special
i guess i was a fool to ever believe.
but i have never cried this much
i have never hurt this much
i have never been so alone
i have never been so heartbroken.