For Love 17

Written by: Gina Young

i am so empty
the bottom of my belly echoes
and every word reverberates
straight thru my spine
when u were still here
i was so filled up
every cell and organ and cavity
overflowed with ur love
so these nights i sit up alone
smoking and listening to sad songs
what are they to me?
and what are they to u?
i dont know what to do with myself
pacing and wandering around faceless
i fake any emotion i need to fake
theres no sense of comfort anymore
u were supposed to be my whole life
and i was supposed to be your number one girl
well what happened to us?
where did that passion go?
im too old to do these things again
and get hurt and left behind
so if ur gonna go away
just go now while im already low.
and ill give away all these dreams to my friends
ill hand some out to every one
i will walk home dreamless
and maybe sleep without the empty.