For Love 10

Written by: Gina Young

24 hours and 20 mins
nothing makes the want go
nothing fades the need
just like my addictions, my obsessions
im gonna push u farther than u want
guilt trip, my sad face
ill use up all the tricks
i told u once...
pull me back and show me who we are
u are my mirror, and i was supposed to be yours
but u are not this bitter, lonely and tasteless
u are better than this, get the going while its good
the fear inside me is like a fresh burn
screaming in terror, my gut in knots
just watch the layers peel away
and that is me and im not so pretty anymore
if u dont grab me now
and drag me back to shallow waters
im gone forever, fed myself to the sharks
but maybe its better if u turn now and go
24 hours and 26 minutes
im almost dead anyway
theres no reason to hang around
and watch this horror show
break that mirror that once was me cuz its warped and chipped
i cant offer u the good stuff all the time
my heart is black and bloated from the pain
24 hours just go now...