For Love 4

Written by: Gina Young

i got this ache, a calling from my core
skin on fire, nerves tingling at the slightest touch
my eyes feel heavy, my hands roam
and if i think of u...

just lay me down
kiss my body
i wont go nowhere
give me real love

my lips are saying your name over and over
my heart is racing beneath my ribs
i am begging for this journey to begin
and then i think of you...

please just lay me down
u know what i want
i only need you here
to love u for real

when youre watching me
i get a little shy, but like a magnet 
i am drawn to your side
and my skin blushes red, waiting...
for the lips that i crave
for your hands on my face
your body pressed into me
my name coming from ur mouth

lay me down
hold on tight
this is just a dream to me
but the realest dream ive ever seen