Part Of Me

Written by: Megan Fitzsimons

How could I be so blinded
I thought that that was you
To think I was so gullible
I should have really knew

Now I wish I’d played it safe 
Not wore it on my sleeve
Cause I’m the one who’s left alone 
Every time you leave

I always saw the good in you
I never saw the signs
And every word you said to me
I fell for all your lines

And even though you’re not the first
I’m sure you’re not the last
I clearly didn’t mean that much
You disappear so fast

I don’t know what it is with you
You saved me from the fall
I never had to keep my guard
You got over the wall

I only think back to the times 
When you would make me smile
Forget the nights I’d cry for you
I guess I’m in denial

But now I’m feeling such a fool
Was always on your side
I gave you everything I had
To you I would confide

I never thought it’d be this hard
To get you out my head
You promised me you’d never leave
But now you’ve walked instead

I knew this from the start of it 
That this would come one day
I try to brush off all the times 
You’d push me far away

I can’t help think would it have changed
If we’d ever met
I guess that’s just another hope
One day I will forget

Cause now I’ll give you what you want
Our road has been quite tough
I don’t know how to keep you here
When I’m not enough

And even though I’ll leave you be
I just wish you could know
You’ll always be a part of me
Even once you go.