Warm up Song

Written by: Chris Damstrom

Start on B and two other open strings I say
Strum down and hammer to the note less than A

Strum up the strings it was a minor
Strum down on C this notes much finer

2 quick strums , down,up and move to G
Single pick ,palm mute ,low string E

Be sure to finger,firm on the 3rd fret
They call it G, this notes a good bet

Full clean strums on this chord
Almost done, I hope your not bored


We are still playing the chord of G
Repeat it all play my rhythm with me

You can repeat this, a time or two
Before long the same sound won't do

keep the progression it does need to remain
I usually arpeggiate so its not the same

Now mix it up between picking and strums
But don't change the timing or miss the drums

This song is of love and sweetness that I wrote
But I cant finds the words to go with the note

So instead of playing this tune without a word   
Ill write you this song with no music note to be heard