Furniture And Kitchen Utensils

Written by: Jack Ellison

Someone said I could probably write About furniture and kitchen utensils And still put a funny twist on my poem So I'll try to live up to my potential You must possess a strange old noodle To know how my crazy brain works Observing the simplest things everyday And giving them a twist and a jerk Sure ain't no genius but ain't no dummy So here's my attempt at appeasing Cathie and I own this beautiful credenza With imported china quite pleasing Our living room set is a joy to behold So comfy and inviting it beckons I hear it calling for my afternoon naps Most likely I'll give in I reckon Now what about our lovely canister set A charming addition to our counter The colourful pillows on our comfy sofa Can certainly be a heart pounder Bet you think I've gone over the edge But whenever I'm challenged in kind I quickly respond and delve into my brain Where oodles of rhymes I do find! © Jack Ellison 2012