The Deception of The American Public - A Satire

Written by: Elton Camp

The Deception of the American Public - A Satire

By Elton Camp

I’m so shocked I don’t know what to say
We are shorted out of an inch at Subway

About that delicious inch, I really care
Without it, I leave as hungry as a bear

At the place’s greed, I stand appalled 
Even if I can have fixings, one or all

To measure, I’m not sure how to begin
What if tomatoes stick out from the end?

The bun’s length is the standard I guess
But I’ve never measured it, I confess

I want every millimeter coming to me
But does Subway management agree

If so, when the bread they shape
They’ll apply to each a measuring tape

The counter help will measure again
To steal that inch is a horrid sin

What’s good business they ought to see
Because that inch is important to me