Love Against the Odds

Written by: Sean Cannon

Until I saw it for myself,
I never knew the power of
Innocent kisses stolen at every given chance,
the holding of hands throughout the store,
the little moments of pleasure we give ourselves
when we are alone,
just by thinking of that special one;
I never knew the power of
So when,
after undying suffering and pains of
3 month relationships,
broken promises and
hurtful words,
You came into my life
I was skeptical.
But that never stopped me.
Instead, you tossed my heart around in your hands,
wondering whether to give this unbound soul
your own warm heart,
or to stab the heart,
making sure this poor soul never bothers you again.
For some reason you hold on,
not letting go,
yet not giving in.
You tease him,
tauning him through the months,
knowing you could never happen,
yet wanting him just the same.
You try to hide your feelings,
but through the hugs and
deep talks in the warm summer grass,
its obvious to me that your worth the time.
So a year after you met me,
you gave me a chance,
skeptical too.
But I took the chance,
and threw all I had into this relationship
to make it work.
We were seperated,
yet we always found our way back together.
Instead of giving into the
"you'll never make it",
we shoved it into their faces.
And lastly,
instead of turning tail
when we had our quarrels,
(which seemed to happen way too much),
we showed the world
that even though the odds are against us,
we will never,
give in.
We will make it