Written by: lola barron

You came to me.
As I stood up there alone, looking down.
Black specks hurrying and scurrying as though nothing was happening.

You spoke to me.
As wind wrestled with my hair and rain stung my face.
My mind not in turmoil but calm, longing for the sweet release into eternity.

You cried with me.
Tears of regret. Tears of failure. Tears of fear.
Telling me, not yet. I still have so much to give, so much to live.

You reminisced with me.
Talking of the day you kept me from drowning when I was a child.
The times you encouraged me to achieve or let me encounter love and passion.

You reminded me.
That you have always been there with me.
That you will always be there for me.

You told me.
Things will get better. Now is not the time.
But you will be with me when it is. And you will take me.