Written by: Christina McCallum

Your home is smooth and reflects your imagery; pleasing to my eye,
as I swirl your content and grasp the handle to take in my demise.
It was more than a time or two; I made the mistake loving you.
Filtering in your tasty delight; while you shape my road of plight.
Why do I shake and quiver for you…laughter, aching pleasure and starry gaze aside; all to be left bathing in downtrodden images of your gain.
Your taste is nothing but sweet pins of loath and nothing I should consume.
Stop chanting in my ear, your sound of spirit and cheer are nothing more than bubbly sips full of deceitful lust; that I over and over again trust. 
I can’t love you anymore… I need to evict you from your home and cast your borrowed smile unto the shore. Be down with me, I thirst for you no more. Blend with the lakes the sands and the shores.