human trafficking part two

Written by: louis rams


the human trafficker sells your body , sells your soul
they keep you under their control.
to them you are just a piece of meat
for humanity to sit and eat.

the younger the victim the easier to control
by the time they're teens- their spirit is cold.
no longer do they have the will to fight
it's become their way of life.

they never had a childhood or a family to love
or to even know what love's about
for their hearts and minds have been turned inside out.
fear is the only thing they know
and in their face it will show.

many are bought and put on the streets
if they don't meet their  quota - they don't eat.
then there are those who are sold privatly
those are the ones that you never see.

most are girls - but there are boys
and they're all used as sexual toys.
we have to let all countries know
human trafficking has got to go.

(C) L . RAMS