This Wonderous Day

Written by: Paul Smith

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This Wondrous Day

 This wonderful day! when will it be the eclipse on light?
Put off until that which never allows pain and misery
Prompted if rein, as this day states, 
with the whistles and song as daylight inspires life to caress the air
Create and be as intended this morn.

Spread riches beyond physical adornments
Give spring a chance to breathe in that which the wise man holds dear,
Laughter and smiles
Adorn the child’s passion for the moment; relate your expression to joy
Worry breeds the inverted flame passed that thought of nought to tomorrow,
Put back that mortal thought for another fleeting moment resigned to destiny 
as to all.

Cheat not life as beams of happiness radiate from you glow
Hotter than a supernova to love,
The season draws and frames this day,
Passed on to history as a gift , as night faded prepare to embrace, 
This wonderful day.
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