Things I Want To Forget

Written by: Maria Paz Samelo

My unforgettable past is still haunting me,
Things I don’t want to remember and see,
When I close my eyes, it is still in my brain,
It makes me delirious and feels in pain.

The heartache inside me is hard to lessen,
To the brink of my being every now and then,
Go away my baleful past, I don’t need you anymore,
I try to be happy with my life better than before.

Broken pieces I gathered with faiths,
No more sadness, no more wraiths,
A clean conscience and hope for the future,
A better place to live is what I ask more,

My past has taught me a great lesson,
Be strong to face the claws of temptation,
Live a life so simple and keep moving on,
That’s the best thing I want to do it soon.

January 17, 2013