Teen Angst

Written by: Juanita Thorn

I’m sitting here alone on my bed
What should I do? I’m bored!
I feel like pulling hair outta my head
I’m feeling so ignored

Should I watch TV or play the DS?
Or call a friend on the phone?
I could clean up my bedrooms mess
Or see how my Sea Monkeys have grown

My Mum is actually working tonight
But she already cooked me tea
I might have a piece of Turkish Delight
And play Mario Olympics on the Wii

I’ve got homework, but I don’t want to do it
I’d rather sit and do nothing
Oh God! I’ve just discovered a zit!
I need Clearasil or something

It’s hard to be a teen today
With pimples and homework and school
Why does life get harder with each passing day?
Why is being a teenager so cruel?
©copyright Juanita Torr