Young Hearts

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Young Hearts Do you remember our first kiss? How our hearts danced from pure bliss Do you recall the song that was playing that night? How you wouldn’t let me leave your sight Do you still remember me? The young lady that I used to be Beyond the wrinkles surrounding my face Can you still see a young heart in their place? I am grateful how you still look at me the same way Beyond my hair that has turned gray Beyond my eyes that hold Our journey of memories that will never grow old I cherish each day that I am your bride And you as my husband with such pride In my heart I know that you still remember Our days of happiness of a love’s splendor I know that Alzeimer’s is trying to take you away From the person I fell in love with that magical day So please promise me that in time to come You will still be looking at me through a heart still young