'Tis Early

Written by: Opeyemi Oluwafemi Adebayo

At a time the shadow was thick
I saw it dimmer than the deep paint
While lost in the lake like a toothpick
Fiery ball forces through but feint

Vision, so clear I see the world’s end
Hmm! I weep, for the thick light sight
Bright, a pin falls I see it end
Deep through the earth there them roots in sight

A beauty of white is the ceiling
Mixed with dull-blue, stained with grey foams
Strong the furnace gaze, with joy glowing
As touch of time runs with the foams

Now! I see life journeying in style
For nectar, smiles are forced to it point
As season make the foams an isle
Like million oasis they spread about

In their white robe they bathe their loved ones.
For such abundance of blessing-
I praise from the beauty of my heart
That seeks home in the court of time