Petals In The Wind

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Petals In The Wind A place sadly stands here bare and still Of flowers that once bloomed at their will Seeds that once kissed the magic of sunshine That created a beautiful bouquet that we can no longer find The days have been calm without even a breeze Life planted on the ground has become a saddened memory The quietness brings on an eerie feel What happened to the beauty that felt surreal? Suddenly, the wind began to arrive in the middle of the day Along with its air it brought petals along the way Petals that used to have a space to bloom A place where they could spread their luxurious perfumes One by one, all the flowers began to form In the yard where they were always kept safe and warm The wind then began to die down Seeing that its only reason was to pass the flowers back around Now the place where it all once was bare Has a beautiful bouquet that was born to be there So never will another wind sweep them away From the place that God so planted for them to stay