Boo of Democracy

Written by: Udaya R. Tennakoon

Lament of booing
Jackals in the jungle
Yelping by the opposite 
Dogs of the people

 In their own stands 
Demarcation of instinct 
Peeing at the border
Lion roar for the kingdom

Jackals and dogs
Differ sharply from the village
And closely from the jungle
Fleshed of taste of voices
Rising with the moon

Hawks are from the sky
Aim with sharpen eyes
Chaos of the ground
Gives a chance for
To down a ladder 

Being rotten and decayed 
Spreading the smell of flesh
But in the mean time
Being dried up
To become game of taste

Scenario of the flesh of needs
Transforming into a less of mean
Voices of space are stagnant
Watching the darkness of grim
Benumbed people surrounded 

Udaya R. Tennakoon