A Poem For Leaving Friend part 2

Written by: Yanny Widjanarko

Dear Love,
A farewell finally brings us to this day
The day where you chase your dream
The day where you start your future

The sweetest grumpy girl who we ever met
A person with a million mysteries of her
A lovely teacher who never stopped loving and caring her students
A strong character who never quit from the rigors of life

Be the warrior my dear
Be the person who always believe that fate will bring victory in the end
Be the person who never gave up to pursue the dreams
Believe that you never be alone in this

Our prayers are always the best for you
Chennai will never defeat you easily
America will soon be waiting for you
Everything are going to be just fine

Thank you for this past two years
Thank you for being such an extraordinary person
Thank you for giving us the precious moment amid the school's chaos
Thank you for being the most beautiful part of our live

June 9, 2012
Regards to the farewell of my friend Soman, a female teacher who had to go to Chennai to continue her education. Missed her so much :D