No Doubt

Written by: Daljit Khankhana

people fail to deliver a job with honesty and industrious nature.
when they died, they carried pain and raised worrying rankles,
children never face them,  they find the practice has no true feature.

no doubt, they are educated and professional to hide taxes,
then built a house of cheat for a soul to live in peace,
and run a race to maintain cheat for excessive relaxes.

they run community, society and the world with optional benefit,
there is no truth, they produce problems and a solution of cheat,
and seeking reliability, honesty and punctuality to maintain a cheat set.

Progress is based on cheat to produce positive and approachable manner,
they deliver a trustworthy service with 100% warranty to build trust,
if you pay cash, very good, if you need a receipt you pay tax for scanner.

Religion, politics, education; justice based on professionalism,
criminality is growing in wildness mercy and forgiveness is Godism.